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Poster: Tito&Smokey Date: Nov 21, 2007 10:37am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Did Anyone Listen to the 'Prank' Calls? (DEAD Related, Eventually)

Stealz wrote in my response to busting him
*I listened to numbers one and two, thinking to myself, Oh my God, is this crap real? Skipped to seven*

First of all,what a feeble attempt at trying to twist the fact that you listened to all my calls.Its obvious your lying.Your pants are literally on fire right now.If in fact
you are telling the truth,which your not,why did you listen to #2?and why then would you "skip"(hahahah) to #7?Seriously,why?If child porn pops up on your screen,and it disgusts you,do you still look at a few more links of it?(ok maybe that was a bad analogy,this dude loves child porn)
and as far as trying to make a tongue in cheek comment about 14 grand not being alot of money over 6 months,dude,it took me 3 minutes to make some of those calls,so the money was pretty good,tax free to.You could use 14 grand right now to pay for all your sick and twisted vices such as you "NAMBLA" Dues and your various subscriptions to periodicals such as "Young boys of the Orient,Barely Legal" sir,are a convicted sex offender,amd we dont want your kind around here.Please leave